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Gwendolyn: Discovery of the meaning of the light of the otherworld. White Ring. Welsh

Who is she?She is an energetic, resolute and determined woman who could appear calm, reserved, strong and self-assured. She is actually quite straight-forward and authoritarian, and although she tends to doubt in herself and her abilities at first, deep down she aspires to the acquisition of a certain power. She is active, industrious and capable of taking on and assuming responsibility. She is a passionate person who needs to fully invest herself in a venture that motivates her, where she will prove to be efficient, organised and practical as well as extremely hardworking, shrewd, realistic and quite the perfectionist; this is an individual who is apt to manage and direct others. Gwendolyn   is capable of sound judgement and possesses an analytical mind that makes her inclined to  split hairs, and is endowed with qualities that are more readily attributed to men than women. She is bold and resourceful, and it isn´t easy to pull the wool over her eyes or take advantage of her. She cannot tolerate injustice and could react in a violent manner if she suspects iniquity of any kind. More or less hot-tempered anyway, Gwendolyn   isn´t the most tolerant of characters (especially with her loved ones), although she tries her best to be open and conciliatory. She is generous and possesses a profound sense of friendship so she is always there when you need her, and willing to help if she can. As a little girl she is amiable and responsible, albeit a little timorous and insecure. She isn´t necessarily all that into dolls and playing house, and could even be a bit of a “tomboy”. Because she is anxious to please and be loved, she will make a lot of effort to maintain a harmonious relationship with her parents. She loathes conflict and aggression because her natural inclination is to love and serenity. She is actually much more sensitive and emotional than she seems to be, and her abrupt attitude often conceals great tenderness.

What does she like?
She is a perfectionist and could even be rather obsessive at times because she believes that a job worth doing is one that is worth doing well. She aspires to peace and harmony above all else and appreciates beauty, esthetics and art. In love, Gwendolyn   is highly selective and demanding.  A successful and fulfilling relationship is essential to her emotional equilibrium while having a family of her own is very important to her. She would make an attentive partner and a caring mother. Gwendolyn  ´s fulfilment depends on her professional achievement, as she was born for effort and action. She won´t be indifferent to the lucrative side of her chosen orientation, however she will choose her path with her heart rather than her head. On the same note, she is quite capable of putting her home and family life before her career. Occupations that are liable to capture her attention are those in connection with the giving of advice (teaching, psychology, social worker…), those in relation to the medical, paramedical or social domain (notably justice)



Aurianne: Very Holy One. Breeze. (My like the wind child) Greek and French

Who is she?



Aurianne   is a secretive, internalized and determined woman who advances in life slowly but very surely. Cerebral and intellectual, she tends to think and analyse things a lot. Because she is of a somewhat anxious nature, she is inclined to pose both big and small existential questions… Her motto might be “I think, therefore I am.” Aurianne   is rational and has an analytical mind. However, we observe two antagonistic tendencies: the Cartesian tendency, which gives her a sceptical mind that is capable of sarcasm, mockery and even virulence towards those who dare to choose a different path to her own. She is likely to be attracted to science with a capital S or to reason with a capital R; her irrational, mystical and intuitive tendencies are great strengths, and could lead her to explore esotericism after much intense forethought: psychology, spirituality or astrology … The intimate master number 22 stimulates her, and could lead her onto royal roads… Don´t assume, however, that Aurianne   is asocial and spends her life with her nose in a book, because in fact she is warm and very friendly as well as quite talkative – especially when a topic interests her – and she is always looking to meet more people. Her charm is undeniable, and she´s actually really nice, to boot. As a child, she tends to be inquisitive and a bit of a chatterbox. Her parents had better be up to scratch on the subjects that interest her, to be able to answer her many questions and help her to quench her thirst for knowledge. It would be wise to promote her socialization, sense of sharing and exchange because she could quite happily be self-sufficient. With the 7 and 4, one observes an intimate feeling of being apart. But in general, she will focus on her studies which could continue well into her adulthood, the eternal student…What does she like?

She enjoys research and analysis – preferably in a context of peace and quiet – and is fascinated by all that is original and cutting edge. Her love life isn´t always plain sailing, because Aurianne   can be rather disconcerting and elusive, as she tends to suppress her innermost feelings and can come across as being much more frosty and indifferent than she really is, often feeling that she is misunderstood. She is highly selective in love and would much rather be alone than with the wrong person. She could therefore experience more or less prolonged periods of celibacy, or indeed a more independent or less conformist romantic lifestyle. Tough as nails. What will she do? She will simply be Aurianne.



Ethan: Solid. Enduring. Determined. Will not be removed. Stable. Hebrew




Who is he?

Masculine and endowed with a certain magnetism, Ethan emanates an air of strength. He is courageous and assertive, although he is also quite wary. This is undoubtedly related to his shyness and emotional fragility – a real Achilles´ heel which affects his mood and level of enthusiasm. This can occasionally result in outbursts of anger if he doesn´t feel that he has been fully understood. Fiery and passionate, he conceals a sweet gentleness behind a firm, even curt and abrupt demeanour. Nevertheless, Ethan is a friendly, affectionate and likeable soul – once he has decided that he trusts somebody. An ambitious young man, he isn´t indifferent to material comfort. He is particularly efficient and capable of great diplomacy when he feels motivated, whereas in other circumstances he may prove to be lacking in tact. Ethan is confident and self-assured; his energy, celerity and his realistic and practical approach are extremely valuable assets! He remains nonetheless quite an impatient and irritable character, and could also prove to be something of an opportunist – his desire to succeed is that strong. However, at the same time he is rather proud and conceited, loathes flattery and deceit and possesses an acute sense of justice… He could sometimes feel torn between his desires and his principles. Born to be in charge, he is capable of assuming responsibility, as much in the family sphere as in his professional life. As a child, this is a little boy who is very attached to his family who he is ever eager to please and who therefore have a considerable influence on him as. Furthermore, he is a sensible and responsible child from an early age and his parents know that he can be trusted. Conscientious and quite a perfectionist, he is of an above average intelligence which means that he is apt to continue his education as long as he chooses. However, his well-being and development remain heavily dependent on a harmonious affective environment and the karmic 6 could mean that he experiences upheaval in his family environment. In this case, Ethan could react in one of two ways; either he will feel overly implicated and take care of the others, or he will flee his responsibilities completely.

What does he like?
Ethan is anxious to please and seeks peace and harmony above all. A lover of perfection, he is sensitive to beauty, esthetics and comfort. He could occasionally be indecisive and excessively perfectionist because he has a real eye for detail. When it comes to love, he is passionate and possessive, and capable of ferocious jealousy. Loyal, frank and intense, he has difficulty forgiving disloyalty on the part of his partner.

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Mick: One who resembles God

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Who is he?

He has a strong character and tends to be quite impressive, as much due his magnetic personality and reserved appearance as for his need to be admired and respected. Sociable, though both introverted and extroverted at different times; he is an endearing and rather charming man who wants to please others and be liked in return, although he is quite self-involved, all things considered. Often courteous, he is very tactful but he can be known to slip up at times… He is elegant and refined, and possibly an esthete – unless he settles for tasting the pleasures that this world has to offer. Voracity is one of his foibles. Feelings occupy an important place in his life, and he is often influenced by his family – for better or for worse. Mick doesn´t shy away from his responsibilities, and is strong-willed even though he is prone to hesitation. Once he is driven by something that motivates him he is capable of great tenacity in order to see things through to their completion. Demanding, authoritarian and bossy, Mick can also be known to experience outbursts of anger if the realization of his desires is hindered or if he is treated unfairly, despite his calm and composed demeanour. A proud creature, he appears to be very self-assured while he loathes mediocrity and baseness. He is also very image-conscious, and doesn´t permit himself to fail, always seeking to excel and surpass himself – and be the best. As a child, he is active and independent with an exacerbated need for freedom. He hates restriction and can be quite unruly and confrontational if one tries to impose this upon him. It is therefore necessary for his parents to be firm, but flexible while he is growing up, and encourage him to socialize in order to tame this little tearaway. It would definitely be preferable for him to have siblings, and take part in a sport or physical activity in open air, especially those where he can be part of a group or team…

What does he like?
A lover of change, he likes to be on the move more than anything else, to travel and be free to explore the world as he pleases. He craves experiences that he can feel passionately about. Emotional, masculine and resourceful all at the same time, Mick could easily be a man of conquest (especially if he was born on a 5th, 14th, 23rd, or if his life Path Number is 5). He feels his instincts and desires intensely which makes him very attentive to a woman´s needs, however he is not necessarily a very sentimental man, nor is he always faithful… He is quite selective and could experience indecision when it comes to romantic commitment. The chosen one should effectively be perfect in every way, otherwise he is likely to quickly become jaded with the relationship.
There are a few possibilities that are likely to appeal to him, and he is inclined to choose a career that is exciting and varied, preferably out of doors and involving physical activity (especially if he was born on a 5th, 14th or 23rd), or in connection with the earth