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You know, the world has become a fairly messed up place. Violence, dishonesty, manipulation, power hungry, isolation at a core level, families broken, etc. I use the term fairly in the loosest possible way. I, in literal terms, mean that the human race has been degenerating socially. We make incredible strides in technology but don’t use it to help the human race but to build empires and powerful companies. We use our brilliance and every novel idea to ensure our families stability and wealth. Even within the wave of the new world religions and spiritualists, there is this idea of the law of attraction which is used to change our own lives, gain whatever our heart desires, and explain away suffering as another persons’ fault (shortcoming of their ability to control their thoughts/energy). Always people are a step away, an explanation away. We try to control ourselves and better ourselves with no responsibility for those around us. Our justice is still mostly enacted without internalizing forgiveness or expecting an elevated inner responsibility to rehabilitate our neighbors, friends, community from the problems that causes the malfunction to begin with.
Then here comes Austism. Not just another spiritual sickness like depression, bipolar disorder, etc which holds its own incorrect labels and judgements but a different neurology. It cannot even be categorized simply but holds many different facets, dimentions, and expressions on a neurological level. The world again tries to take the outward symptoms and classify it away in the DSM models as a sickness or a disease or a malfunction of some sort. This is where the world is horribly wrong.
The 21rst century, accross the globe, is primarily neurotypical. There are pockets of places that express and live based off of a slightly different model but primarily life runs the same way. As a whole we can see each country like an organ in the earth body. Each has a different place, a different function but we are all connected and all fairly similar in makeup. We are all on planet earth. We are all human. But we do not all perceive and internalize the same way. Those with Aspergers/austism are like stem cells. They are highly specialized souls that don’t operate like every other cell they are around. But if given the chance can be inserted anywhere and enact great healing. They weren’t made to be like every other cell. If they are seen as hostile or foreign or broken they will always be rejected and no good can take place. But imagine the good that they can do if allowed to stay.
The other day, my son was watching spy kids (the one with Jessica Alba) and the dad got angry that Jessica Alba’s character had hidden that she was a spy in their marriage. My son makes me stop the movie and demands to understand this scene.
“why did she lie? good guys don’t lie”
“why did he hurt her? if he loves her he shouldn’t have put his hurt before her needs”
“why do good people do bad things? doesn’t that make them a ‘bad’ guy”?
There were a million questions like this all centered around one key idea. What separates bad people from good people that make bad choices or simply accidentally make a mistake that hurts someone? My answer? It is in the intentions. The key to all of life is in intentions. If one makes a mistake and they try to repair it, they are still a good person. If a person intends to do something bad because they rationalize inside of their head that it is justified they can still be a good person but they have an error to correct INSIDE. And of course a truly bad person is someone who intends hard, no matter how much they rationalize it or not, but they never intend to fix it. Their hearts have slammed shut for whatever reason and they just don’t care about another person anymore. Their ideas and feelings have become too powerful to allow themselves to care and now they are part of what is destroying humanity. One person at a time. One person gets sacrificed because someone is too angry, too hurt, their ideas need defending too fiercely, etc. My son KNOWS on a deep level that this interaction (that is seen as so normal and healthy) is in fact destructive. He knows a better way. He is trying to come up with a better way. I can teach him that this is just how it is. People need time to explode, get angry and walk away. OR I can teach him a better way to deal with anger betrayal, not having to hide or lie, and repairing friendships when flaws do come up. He is only five and he knows this is possible. Not easy but possible.
I love and hate this wonderful quote:

I love how it teaches one to invest their mind deeper than gossip. Be a part of this human world, do not simply attack and demean others. When you see a flaw in someone (every person has them) don’t pass this information along and tear them down. If you see a leader with his shoes untied don’t make fun of it and ignore all the good he is doing. Take responsibility for helping uplift humanity and their flaws will naturally be left in the dust. We are better than all of that. We HAVE to demand more of ourselves than that. But on another note, People are the most important part of life. Ideas, strongly held beliefs, events in history are all nothing without people. Human beings. If one person is lonely or isolated, they don’t just start to matter when a tv station picks up their story, they don’t start to matter when someone starts to bully them, they don’t start to matter when they snap and inflict violence on victims. The fact is THEY matter. We need people who see that life itself matters. Souls matter. Standing against bullying is a powerfully good goal but a far better goal is uplifting the lonely and different. A far better goal than fighting against bad is fighting to include those who are trying to fit in.
Autism is a spectrum disorder (I use disorder very very lightly because I don’t actually view it as that). It is a spectrum of those who shut down with all the stimuli of the world. They might be affected so heavily that they can’t use their senses correctly. It breaks their precious souls because it hits them too hard, too fast, and they aren’t able to keep up. A person on the spectrum can be high functioning and have SPD (sensory processing disorder) where they either seek additional input to feel calm or they run from it to feel calm. Aspergers affects some to the point they can’t handle people at all and become reclusive. They break. It affects others to the point it is always a struggle to not succumb to anxiety, depression, social exhaustion, etc. It is a challenge to be sure. But here enters the world again with labels. As if the only way to see the world has to be to label the shortcomings of people. Imagine a world where kids who enter school neurotypical kid was given a label with all of their weaknesses and given a ‘classification’ of how they could never grow up and become ‘normal’. Every teenager would be doomed.
Instead, I like to see ASD as a gift. The world should see its gifts. We all have to learn to work together. There is nothing random about the genetics or the environment bringing about such a high population of those on the spectrum. Autism/Aspergers allows a person to see things very logically. If one does not shut down to all of the feelings they can sense, then they can learn to have an extremely high emotional intelligence that can be passed on to other generations. They can learn to not only read others but read themselves. They can demand more of others and of themselves. Those that work with autistic children know what a challenge and an equal blessing it is. These kids, teenagers, and adults can see the world in a real way, they see beauty deeper, they feel deeper, they can yank humanity from the coma of unconscious action and make it conscious again. It is a choice each individual can make. To see someone unable to function and know internally that it is YOUR time to love them, to shield them, to help them to be free to raise up in strength and succeed. As people do this for others, they will have others do this for them as well.
Irene Gut Opdyke, who wrote the book In My Hands, saved the lives of many Jews during the Holocaust at great risk to her own life. She led a remarkable life and never lost her faith in people. When she moved to America she traveled around the United States sharing what hate does to people and sharing her story. She always started out every lecture with these words…”I am here because I love you”. This is what Autism can do for the world. It is here to help shake us from apathy and our disengaging from others. It is here to rattle the belief that just because something appears broken or flawed that we need to dismiss it, control it, or demand justice for it. It is here to raise humanity to the next level. For those on the spectrum to keep moving forward and loving yourself no matter how overwhelmed your spirit gets. To find peace in the small things and accept who you are. For those whose minds think neurotypically and who feel other challenges every day. To demand more from yourself. To safeguard others, to uplift others, to use your mental strength and grit to be inclusive and show love. Because at the end of the day, what we learn from each other can raise humanity past this roadblock into a more peaceful future. Every difference, every challenge has a beautiful future.


Caste me away from this island.
Don’t try to seek out my boat.
You assume it sits atop of the ocean,
You can’t possibly know how remote.
Even when my eyes saw the shoreline
My heart felt waves crash upon me
From deep within the swell of far away earth.
Even when you still could have seen me
I was long gone, my heart was morose.
You searched for a holograph image
Of who I was 5 seconds ago,
But you did not feel the earth when you stood
So my pulse could never be heard.
I was deeply embedded in history-
The images, feelings, and waves
Always washed right through every sinew of thought.
If you didn’t follow that video of music
How could you have followed my thought?
Don’t try to follow me from this island
I am already far too long gone.
I rode away one thought at a time,
long before I started to row.

Hey there!


I am on a journey. One of those journeys apparently many woman are taking, but I thought I was the only one. It has been a common joke in my family that I like to take quiz’s. A joke that in high school I tied for 4 different personalities. I would just highlight the parts of each of them that was right. I would laugh to myself that I would study characters in books and movies I revered and then emulate them; others never did this and I never understood why (always seemed like a wonderful way to understand myself and better my character).
It was always a joke that in junior high i was deemed silly and boy crazy. For years I played this part but I knew deep down it wasn’t me. It wasn’t really truly fake either. I was trying to make people laugh and be happy around me and i had no idea how to feel comfortable unless I made sure they were laughing. So i did crazy things. I over-emphasized normal feelings so that people could have fun. But I knew deep down I was somber, even, and serious minded and not at all boy crazy). Bugged me to be seen as different than that and it took years to break away from people seeing me that way.
I always laughed thinking how many times people said i was lying about something when I told the truth. I just SUCK at telling things in a linear way like people want to believe. I expressed myself emotionally 100% honestly. I abhor to be misunderstood. I WANT everything to stay feeling the same with my friends and family. Just loved and accepted no matter what.
I got depressed when I started realizing that maybe it was all in my head that I was special. Maybe I was just a fake. Maybe I was what everything else saw. But no!!! I am not what people see. I am a million different complex pieces bravely warring to be honest, completely understood, and making others happy. I make mistakes like everyone but I am the most loyal person in the world. When I am someones’ friend I would die for them, live for them, and I would never turn my back on them. What I WILL do is always be pestering them for the truth, trying to get an emotional connection with them. If I feel walls I will push away and hide internally and feel a lot of angst. What I will do is need consistency with friendships. I will need reassurance of my place in their world. What I won’t do is change who I am. Instead I will just disappear and deal with the consequences of gossip.  I grew up understanding many levels of human interaction in great detail thinking I was different spiritually. When in fact I am different neurologically. I am an aspie girl. My brain is wired with a different set of gifts and challenges.
It is because of this that I don’t really fit in. I might be able to do great things but I will also be seen as broken a lot of the time. I won’t get over trauma like others. It hits deep and lasts for years on many more levels than others see or realize. But I am also able to stay more calm and detached in stress than others. I am able to have deep empathy even if I don’t socially interact the same. I DO love people. I do have a great need to be understood. Not even by others around me. But by myself. My bravery isn’t in all the brave acts that people see or the brave acts I do every day. That is only part of it. My bravery is to exert myself into the neurotypical world and hold out as long as I can to help people before I get overloaded and fly back into my corner to decompress and regain my center and deal with the mass amount of information I just received, sort it out, find my place with in it, see what it means for me, for others…deal with the ramifications of intense emotions, meditate, pray, get back to my serenity storm. Laugh a little. Write a lot. Forgive people. Forgive myself. And try again awhile later.
I am grateful I am me. I am just scratching that surface. I did find a magnificent list from Sam Craft. Another lady with aspergers, with a son with aspergers (just like me). Hundreds of people relate to her and what she says. Just like me. Which means I am not alone. I am typical of a non typical woman and I need to embrace and figure out ME. The following is the list she compiled. I will be adding my own reflections on what does and does not pertain to me personally. Every aspie is different. Hopefully if anyone reads this they can either relate a little, learn a little, or understand me a little better. There are a lot more aspie’s out there than anyone thinks. I have to think there is a reason behind all the madness of it 🙂

Suggested Use:Check off all areas that strongly apply to the person. If each area has 75%-80% of the statements checked, or more, then you may want to consider that the female may have Asperger’s Syndrome.

Section A: Deep Thinkers

1. A deep thinker: Yes

2. A prolific writer drawn to poetry: Yes

3. Highly intelligent: I like to think so although the more you know the more you realize you know nada. I am therefore a savant at knowing I am ignorant.

4. Sees things at multiple levels including thinking processes: aboslutely. And quickly.

5. Analyzes existence, the meaning of life, and everything continually: All the time.

6. Serious and matter-of-fact in nature: very much although I am blessed to be lighthearted and fun natured when I am away from pressure and stress.

7. Doesn’t take things for granted: Nope. I am constantly on a deep level ‘feeling’ grateful and feeling a grave necessity NOT to take things for granted because everything can be lost in the blink of an eye. literally.

8. Doesn’t simplify: Nope. Very hard for me to do that. I do organize though. I call it putting simple on a complex level into easy to read manuals.

9. Everything is complex: absolutely

10. Often gets lost in own thoughts and “checks out: No one has told me I have a blank stare although I do go into my own zone. I know now socially how to pull myself out of it or just manage to look ‘aloof’ when I do this.

Section B: Innocent

1. Naïve: Used to be VERY much. I never understood growing up how people could be so mean or hurtful. threw me for a tailspin for years and years and years.

2. Honest: To a fault. I saw lies burn up my world when I tried to express my truths in a non truthful way. NEVER again would I allow myself to lie. In fact, it hurts me on a DEEP level whenever lies start to come around me. I can’t handle fractured realities.

3. Experiences trouble with lying: Yep. Powerful lesson to overcome in my youth.

4. Finds it difficult to understand manipulation and disloyalty: Logically I totally get it. On every other level I don’t at all. In fact, I tend to not forgive people their passive aggressive actions that are disloyal even though society deems it ok. I get fiercely rigid against it. I don’t tolerate it at all.

5. Finds it difficult to understand vindictive behavior and retaliation: Ya I don’t get it at all.

6. Easily fooled and conned: Yep used to be. Unless I train myself in logic of a scenario and can read it logically I can be fooled by it still. Good thing I made it my career to study this stuff.

7. Feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed: Oh very much. I call it in cycles. I will be on my A game and really I could do the work of 20 people combined and then I will hit my limit and withdraw big time in massive overwhelming feelings. Like my compartmentalization doesn’t have breathing holes.

8. Feelings of being misplaced and/or from another planet: I always say I wasn’t meant to stay here.

9. Feelings of isolation: Big time. always have. doubt that will ever change.

10. Abused or taken advantage of as a child but didn’t think to tell anyone: I never complained or cried. I was safe at home. beyond that and trying massive avoidance techniques I never would have thought to have done more than that. Simple soldier on.

Section C: Escape and Friendship

1. Survives overwhelming emotions and senses by escaping in thought or action: absolutely

2. Escapes regularly through fixations, obsessions, and over-interest in subjects: I can study a topic so completely it is ridiculous. Want a professional on a subject? get me hooked and give me a computer for 24 hours and you have your woman.

3. Escapes routinely through imagination, fantasy, and daydreaming: I have one heck of an imagination. truth. Why I love sci fi.

4. Escapes through mental processing: absolutely!!I live in my head. analyzing.

5. Escapes through the rhythm of words: Words are glorious. Without them I don’t know where I would be.

6. Philosophizes continually: If that isn’t obvious…

7. Had imaginary friends in youth: Yep! I named her Alma. Which funnily enough means soul in spanish. i told her all my philosophies and thoughts and everything all day when I had no friends and had to keep busy. Ide just walk and explore all through recess talking and playing. Never sad because I always had my own happy world. No matter how many bullies abounded, I was happy.

8. Imitates people on television or in movies: Well duh!! They show hero’s and amazing characters. If I can’t impliment what I see…what good are the characters they play?

9. Treated friends as “pawns” in youth, e.g., friends were “students,” “consumers,” “soldiers.”: This actually not so much. I saw them as friends or as people who hated me. No inbetween. I didn’t actually over analyze why or what made friends. I just lived in my world and tried to protect my feelings when I was hurt.

10. Makes friends with older or younger females: Much older. Sadly though they rarely felt the same for me as I did for them. But I only felt comfortable around older girls. they thought deeper and had steadier emotions.

11. Imitates friends or peers in style, dress, and manner: Nah, Hence why i never fit in. i finally found a way to be me in a way people accepted. But kinda like the caterpillar being hated until it was a butterfly i never cared when people thought I was pretty. I was ALWAYS pretty. to recognize it because I was socially what they wanted was and still is silliness to me.

12. Obsessively collects and organizes objects: I collected coins for a long time. Now I collect music, art, and photographs.

13. Mastered imitation: Very much. i know how to put on a good face even if I am screaming inside to go and hide away by myself.

14. Escapes by playing the same music over and over: yeah, drives some people crazy. good thing my son enjoys it now too 🙂

15. Escapes through a relationship (imagined or real): Yep I get lost in romances. They consume me. In fact I gave many people WAY more credit than they should have had.

16. Numbers bring ease: Yep. i hate applying math but I LOVE numerology and I see rythems and sequences constantly.

17. Escapes through counting, categorizing, organizing, rearranging: Yep, if i look like i am very patient it is because I am counting to 1000 in my head…literally.

18. Escapes into other rooms at parties: or out windows…whatever works.

19. Cannot relax or rest without many thoughts: a big problem. a real problem.

20. Everything has a purpose: every little last thing.

Section D: Comorbid Attributes

1. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): I definitly have parts of this yes. I can’t STAND certain things. They just rub me wrong and I can’t handle it. I am actually getting worse the older I get.

2. Sensory Issues (sight, sound, texture, smells, taste): big time. Growing up I couldn’t wear jeans. WAY too uncomfortable. I couldn’t stand sounds sometimes. Changes with the day. but I can get into overload fast. OR i can require extra stimulation and adrenaline to keep sane. That is why i was good at security work. Some of my happiest times were tackling people or shooting on the range or dealing with a fight.

3. Generalized Anxiety: absolutely. I always had a ‘reason’ for it. but i definitly struggle with anxiety especially when I feel I am in ‘trouble’.

4. Sense of pending danger or doom: ayup! again I have reasons I feel but maybe they hit me harder than others? I dunno.

5. Feelings of polar extremes (depressed/over-joyed; inconsiderate/over-sensitive): oh I for sure am very sensitive in my own way. but only when I let someone in. If I havn’t let you in, you are never going to bug me. ever.

6. Poor muscle tone, double-jointed, and/or lack in coordination: actually I am super coordinated but I am double jointed.

7. Eating disorders, food obsessions, and/or worry about what is eaten: I am picky about what I eat and usually am a health nut.

8. Irritable bowel and/or intestinal issues: any stress i have I feel in my stomach!

9. Chronic fatigue and/or immune challenges: ayup!!! body aches!! ouch!!!!

10. Misdiagnosed or diagnosed with other mental illness and/or labeled hypochondriac: I might have been because every time i expressed myself in my studies I would be misunderstood so I just stopped and gave the acceptable answer. I knew they were wrong if they went that direction. I was blest with a strong sense of self.

11. Questions place in the world: oh all the time.

12. Often drops small objects: I actually might…my phone has amazing abilities at falling….

13. Wonders who she is and what is expected of her: ALL THE TIME!!

14. Searches for right and wrong: all the time!

15. Since puberty, has had bouts of depression: yep!!

16. Flicks/rubs fingernails, flaps hands, rubs hands together, tucks hands under or between legs, keeps closed fists, and/or clears throat often: Funny to mention that…I sleep with my hand tucked between my legs. always have. (apparently I am normal wierd) and I do sign language to myself and tap my fingers to keep my thoughts ordered. I think in pictures sometimes and they fly by like a fast paced flashback in a movie and I can feel VERY VERY…whats the word?…Tunnel vision? overwhelmed…wanting to talk in pictures…shutdown mode…people say I have big eyes and they can’t read me at all when I am like this. I just get very intense and try to draw it all in and then try to drown it back to normal with music or with intense physical exertion.

Section E: Social Interaction

1. Friends have ended friendship suddenly and without person understanding why: ALL my life. Still would love to know why….because to me a friend is forever. even if they bug me. I talk and yell it out and it is over.

2. Tendency to over-share: yeah about that…i never know til AFTER and then I am all sorts of agitated for days. NOT a big fan.

3. Spills intimate details to strangers: used to. not anymore. but I trained myself big time. although…if I think I will never see them again I am much more prone to tell a stranger than a friend…usually…

4. Raised hand too much in class or didn’t participate in class: I was known as being quiet til I started a debate…

5. Little impulse control with speaking when younger: ayup!

6. Monopolizes conversation at times: i think so? I try not to…

7. Bring subject back to self: i tend to draw from what i know. I try never to interrupt but that would be a learned trait. not something that came naturally at

8. Seems at times as narcissistic and controlling. (Is not narcissistic.) oh gosh I hope not! I am told I run things very organized but no one has said I am controlling. I DO like things my way a lot…

9. Shares in order to reach out: This could be in bold!!! THIS IS HOW I REACH OUT ABSOLUTELY.

10. Sounds eager and over-zealous at times: I am ridiculously excited over things I feel passionate about.

11. Holds a lot of thoughts, ideas, and feelings inside: Til I write…or I explode.

12. Feels as if she is attempting to communicate “correctly.”: Yep!!! because I never seem to be understood very well. And I am a pretty good communicator I think. But what do I know? I know all the rules but can’t seem to socially relate them unless I am writing.

13. Obsesses about the potentiality of a relationship with someone, particularly a love interest: I am constantly thinking about romance. Because I swear I am indoctrinated by disney.

14. Confused by the rules of accurate eye contact, tone of voice, proximity of body, stance, and posture in conversation: Used to be. Now I know exactly what is expected and can perform it perfectly. It expresses how I sincerely feel so that is fine. But I think it is a joke I have to ‘act’ a certain way just to be accepted. Why can’t I just smile and act like a goof and be loved? pft.

15. Conversation can be exhausting: In person, with someone I don’t know very well? absolutely. I can only handle so much of that. if I have a good friend and can just be myself and not worry about all the hidden thoughts and feelings…then i am very happy

16. Questions the actions and behaviors of self and others, continually: yep!! I also tend to not be very forgiving when people lie emotionally, use people, act like they like me when they don’t, etc…hate it!!

17. Feels as if missing a conversation “gene” or thought-“filter”: nah…I feel i have it in hyperdrive and others just aren’t as opaquely honest.

18. Trained self in social interactions through readings and studying of other people: yep! and through trial and error. when i had that burning in my chest because I was sincere and it was received badly and it hurt me.

19. Visualizes and practices how she will act around others: In big scenarios yes. Otherwise, I just put up my walls and increase my reserves and go be brave.

20. Practices in mind what she will say to another before entering the room: Sometimes. In big situations.

21. Difficulty filtering out background noise when talking to others: I don’t just talk. I can sense what i am saying. how it will be perceived. how i feel. what i mean. what they mean. what they aren’t telling me. how they are interacting with me. How we fit into a room. how others are perceiving us. How i perceive them. etc etc…It is exhausting.

22. Has a continuous dialogue in mind that tells her what to say and how to act when in a social situations: I know what is expected. I feel like I am hiding inside because if I broke from what socially is required I would be judged. it would hurt so I don’t deviate. If I do deviate it is by disappearing.

23. Sense of humor sometimes seems quirky, odd, or different from others: Oh I am totally wierd 🙂

24. As a child, it was hard to know when it was her turn to talk: Ya I think I just talked and talked without understanding when to shuttup.

25. She finds norms of conversation confusing: Yep!

Section F: Finds Refuge when Alone

1. Feels extreme relief when she doesn’t have to go anywhere, talk to anyone, answer calls, or leave the house: if I am in overload mode YES. If I can go with friends and have an adventure I am the most adventurous person ever.

2. One visitor at the home may be perceived as a threat: If they aren’t a friend I get panicky.

3. Knowing logically a house visitor is not a threat, doesn’t relieve the anxiety: Yep!

4. Feelings of dread about upcoming events and appointments on the calendar: Certain ones absolutely.

5. Knowing she has to leave the house causes anxiety from the moment she wakes up: yes sometimes actually. Worse now that I have kids. I feel more responsible than being carefree ol me.

6. All the steps involved in leaving the house are overwhelming and exhausting to think about: Not true actually. Unless I am in overload mode. Then yes.

7. She prepares herself mentally for outings, excursions, meetings, and appointments: Yep!

8. Question next steps and movements continually: When stressed.

9. Telling self the “right” words and/or positive self-talk doesn’t often alleviate anxiety: Yep!!!! I HAVE to positive talk myself.

10. Knowing she is staying home all day brings great peace of mind: Well, not really…knowing I don’t have any obligations and I am free makes me feel peace.

11. Requires a large amount of down time or alone time: yep!!!!

12. Feels guilty after spending a lot of time on a special interest: yep. because people are judgmental 😉

13. Uncomfortable in public locker rooms, bathrooms, and/or dressing rooms: no actually.

14. Dislikes being in a crowded mall, crowded gym, or crowded theater: no actually. I feel much more hidden and safe IN a crowd.

Section G: Sensitive

1. Sensitive to sounds, textures, temperature, and/or smells when trying to sleep: Yep!!!

2. Adjusts bedclothes, bedding, and/or environment in an attempt to find comfort: Yep!!! I can’t sleep well with pants on. big time no no.

3. Dreams are anxiety-ridden, vivid, complex, and/or precognitive in nature: Yeah, my dreams need to take a chill pill

4. Highly intuitive to others’ feelings: Yep!!!

5. Takes criticism to heart: Oh criticism is EXTREMELY hard to deal with for me unless given with love. But it will stay with me on a deeper level for a much longer time than most.

6. Longs to be seen, heard, and understood: Oh so much!

7. Questions if she is a “normal” person: Yep. i’m not. 😉

8. Highly susceptible to outsiders’ viewpoints and opinions: Unfortunately…

9. At times adapts her view of life or actions based on others’ opinions or words: See I DON”T. hence why people think I am obstinate, stubborn, and headstrong. or wierd or don’t follow rules etc…

10. Recognizes own limitations in many areas daily: I see my limitations very keenly. If others mention them it makes them that much more poignant. hard for me to accept myself.

11. Becomes hurt when others question or doubt her work: Um ya! especially when I know how much work and effort I put into it.

12. Views many things as an extension of self: Yep!! of course it is a part of me. I DID it.

13. Fears others opinions, criticism, and judgment: Yeah I do.

14. Dislikes words and events that hurt animals and people: Yeah. If you want to see a fierce person try to hurt someone around me.

15. Collects or rescues animals. (often in childhood) Yep. Much to my parents’ chagrin

16. Huge compassion for suffering: very much!!!

17. Sensitive to substances. (environmental toxins, foods, alcohol, etc.): Ya I need to be careful with what I put in my body.

18. Tries to help, offers unsolicited advice, or formalizes plans of action: yep! I care about people.

19. Questions life purpose and how to be a “better” person: yep!! always!!

20. Seeks to understand abilities, skills, and/or gifts: always!

Section H: Sense of Self

1. Feels trapped between wanting to be herself and wanting to fit in: Yep!!! although moreso I mourn not fitting in and remain myself and try to keep my self esteem high.

2. Imitates others without realizing: I imitate very much on purpose.

3. Suppresses true wishes: all the time. I put others above me

4. Exhibits codependent behaviors: I definitly think I do. despite how independant I am i desire a stable person to be around big time.

5. Adapts self in order to avoid ridicule: Yep!!!!!

6.  Rejects social norms and/or questions social norms: Big time reject them.

7. Feelings of extreme isolation: yep!! extreme is a good word

8. Feeling good about self takes a lot of effort and work: yep!!!

9. Switches preferences based on environment and other people: Yep. I love so many things in this world. i find my favorites no matter where I go. I have to have ambiance in my settings.

10. Switches behavior based on environment and other people: I will tone down my behavior to try to fit in but I won’t stop completely. I might try if someone asks me too but I will end up becoming more rigid in who I am and get fiercely protective of myself and angry at being forced to be fake.

11. Didn’t care about her hygiene, clothes, and appearance before teenage years and/or before someone else pointed these out to her: I was a total tomboy who loved my own style. I loved MY style. NOT true girlee things. To this day I do like some girlee things but i am more like a guy.

12. “Freaks out” but doesn’t know why until later: ya, I have my freak out moments but I always know why I am freaking out. There is always a reason. I am good at identifying.

13. Young sounding voice: I think so?

14. Trouble recognizing what she looks like and/or has occurrences of slight prosopagnosia (difficulty recognizing or remembering faces): actually I don’t know. i see in visual and tend to think I remember people but who knows…

Section I: Confusion

1. Had a hard time learning others are not always honest: Very much.

2. Feelings seem confusing, illogical, and unpredictable. (self’s and others’): Oh not at all. I get them. What is confusing is why people cover up and lie and hide.

3.  Confuses appointment times, numbers, or dates: yes I SUCK at this!!!!!!

4. Expects that by acting a certain way certain results can be achieved, but realizes in dealing with emotions, those results don’t always manifest: WHICH I CAN”T HANDLE!!!! It literally is soemthign I CAN”T handle.

5. Spoke frankly and literally in youth. I still do!! I never got sarcasm. now I use it but only when I am mad.

6. Jokes go over the head: sometimes yep!

7. Confused when others ostracize, shun, belittle, trick, and betray: Yeah, I am always the last to expect betrayal. it sucks.

8. Trouble identifying feelings unless they are extreme: I have trouble expressing less than extreme. I can’t talk about feelings usually until they become so bad I have no choice but to.

9. Trouble with emotions of hate and dislike: hard to feel them.

10. Feels sorry for someone who has persecuted or hurt her. yep!! I rarely will lash out at them because I can feel their underlying hurt or their reasons and I feel compassion for them.but then I feel lost because I have been hurt.

11. Personal feelings of anger, outrage, deep love, fear, giddiness, and anticipation seem to be easier to identify than emotions of joy, satisfaction, calmness, and serenity. nah, i am good with all those.

12. Situations and conversations sometimes perceived as black or white. i tend to be rigid. I can see and feel all of it but then I expect them to do the same and realize that their behavior isn’t ok. I shouldn’t be the only one sacrificing their feelings for what is right. I tend to get angry at peoples’ ineptness.

13. The middle spectrum of outcomes, events, and emotions is sometimes overlooked or misunderstood. (All or nothing mentality) yeah I tend to gravitate towards this quickly.

14. A small fight might signal the end of a relationship or collapse of world: nah. like i said. I want it to be over and done with and stay friends.

15. A small compliment might boost her into a state of bliss: Well yah! compliments make my heart happy.

Section J: Words and Patterns

1. Likes to know word origins: yep!! I study them often.

2. Confused when there is more than one meaning to a word: not confused. It makes me delve in even more deeply.

3. High interest in songs and song lyrics: very much!!!

4. Notices patterns frequently: all the time! I find peace in patterns.

5. Remembers things in visual pictures: I think in pictures.

6. Remembers exact details about someone’s life: Yep!! i memorize what people say, do, feel and I remember. that is why I can’t stand hypocrisy.

7. Has a remarkable memory for certain details: yep! I am a detail bank.

8. Writes or creates to relieve anxiety: absolutely!

9. Has certain “feelings” or emotions towards words: Yep!!!

10. Words bring a sense of comfort and peace, akin to a friendship: true!!

(Optional) Executive Functioning   This area isn’t always as evident as other areas

1. Simple tasks can cause extreme hardship: I always said that was depression. but ya

2. Learning to drive a car or rounding the corner in a hallway can be troublesome: nope.

3. New places offer their own set of challenges. I find peace in new places.

4. Anything that requires a reasonable amount of steps, dexterity, or know-how can rouse a sense of panic: Nope. i thrive in these situations.

5. The thought of repairing, fixing, or locating something can cause anxiety: sometimes yes.

6. Mundane tasks are avoided. no

7. Cleaning may seem insurmountable at times. yes. I hate my car 😛

8. Many questions come to mind when setting about to do a task. I ask 8 quadrillion questions constantly.

9. Might leave the house with mismatched socks, shirt buttoned incorrectly, and/or have dyslexia: haha nope…not that I know of.

10. A trip to the grocery store can be overwhelming. yes! But only with kids 😉

11. Trouble copying dance steps, aerobic moves, or direction in a sports gym class. Nope. I am an ace at dance 🙂 and love me some kickboxing and krav

12. Has a hard time finding certain objects in the house, but remembers with exact clarity where other objects are: yep! nothing drives me more crazy than keys or phones or such going missing.

This list was compiled after nine years of readings, research, and experience associated with Asperger’s Syndrome. More information can be found at © Everyday Aspergers, 2012 This non-official checklist can be printed for therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, professors, teachers, and relatives, if Samantha Craft’s name and contact information remain on the print out.

Hope you guys enjoyed. I enjoyed :)~