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There have been some powerful changes in the world. They are rising up in individual lives. They are politically driven by countries. They get entangles in alliances, propoganda, and misleading words. But then again some people have it very clear. I see plenty of unrest in the United States. I see it in Egypt. I see it in Venezuela. I see it in Africa. I see it many many places. But I see more good than bad. I see despite all the chaos all the intelligence, all the drive, all the heartfelt drive to make a change for the better. Humanity deserves it.
Watch what a young man already knows and how his belief has met action:

We are a seed. An embryo of the universe. When you feel as if you are being buried alive, only darkness weighing in on you, no light…remember that is how you will grow. You are planted and it is up to you to fight through that darkness pulling all the good you can from the nutrients that abound to reach for the light. Every day. Reach up. Fight for it. Don’t find reasons to be happy to stay where you are. You are meant to blossom and soon enjoy sunlight every day all day. You fight to bloom by reaching up for the light.

It is not a one step process to get results but you indeed are growing and every bit of water, everything you need for life is there for you. Grow where you are planted. Be the alchemist of your life. Have you ever considered how your mood affects others? How your energy either adds or decreases the battle for someone else? How woman’s’ menstrual cycles themselves will change and adjust to becoming similar when they live together? What force causes a change strong enough to affect the cycle of life themselves? We affect each other. In a real way, down to our very core. But down at the core where that change takes place you will not find anything shallow or halfway there. No shallow feeling, no halfway knowledge, no tentative position will have any strength to make a change.

Find what motivates you. Dig deeper. Reside deeper. And go and change the world ❤

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