I was the clue

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Poetry
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They tore it down.
The world I loved.
There was no reason for it, not really. There was hate built around fear and anger around injustice to ideas.
It turned friends into enemies and gave amnesia to love.
It hit me over the head so hard I forgot where I lived and what it felt like to sit down with tea and overlook the river.
They lied.
They burned every journal and every word I had written
Gossiped a new history, wrote it down in gold
Shaking their heads they said I should have gone, I did not belong.
They whitewashed their hands in the river of blood
They were blinded and saw only a flash flood
It was hard to move on when the stories were told
I did not recognize
They painted my picture and believed it was me.
A picture of Everest trying to be passed off as a tree.
Incredulous face
same newer streets
I sat down with chai and thought about how I should meet
a new person
An old friend
A busy port
a connection again.
All the streets signs wrote lies and only I knew
If a soul ever met me anew
I would be living in an old world
and they in the new.
I wonder which world could possibly be true.
Just like that I was foreign
My face broken and blue
It would turn peach and olive in hue
however they had torn it apart that day.
I was hiding the only clue.


  1. Pensive Pal. says:

    Very good. Now my mind won’t stop churning over this.

  2. dznuhtz says:

    Well put. Now my mind won’t stop churning.

  3. Mr. Sammich Man says:

    Amazing words ❤ where is this picture from?

    • Gwendolyn says:

      Thank you! Which picture? The first is in Tel Aviv and I don’t know where the second came from. It is an image capture from a movie somewhere.

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