Law of Attraction: Incomplete

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Stories
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The law of Attraction was a powerful message. One that slightly overreached its bounds. Yes it is an eternal law that ‘like attracts like”. We have a chemistry and power that is only spiritually discerned and yes, it is a power. However, it is not the ONLY law at work.
1. All by itself this wonderful delineation (of how to attract better thought patterns and a better life for yourself) strays into hedonism. Pain=bad Pleasure=good. It goes so far as to say that anyone who experiences bad is the primary person at fault (the person starting the ripples of human action) because they attracted it by their fears, dreams, thoughts, etc…
The Situations that they cite are wonderful examples of how our attitudes towards others can change our experience. If we send out love most of the time others will respond similarly. It is the mirroring of another, stronger soul. If the person doesn’t change then we can choose to ignore it. Does this mean that person cannot now choose to still try to be rude? Obviously not. Are we still attracting it because it is happening? No we are not. We simply have the keys to put ourselves out of reach of their power…They cannot touch us internally anymore. We took our power back into our own hands. This is a reality of the thoughts we choose but it does not follow that we were the person causing the ripples. We simply learned how to elevate our thoughts to higher ground. We got our power back.
All pain is not bad. It feels horrible, but it is there as a very useful tool. We learn discipline through it, Great characters are only forged through adversity and hardship. it is a powerful part of being human to overcome. Even on an animal instinct level we see how pain gives a trigger that there is danger-same for the soul. The law of attraction tells you that if you want something you can have it at anytime. This is simply not the case. Happiness is more often found through learning sacrifice than in gaining all we ever could want. Why would a law, seemingly the central law the universe operates on, be concerned only with pleasure and attaining more and more and more? Apparently the universe is  unconcerned with moral virtues such as patience, temperence, sacrifice..?
The explanation for where the law of attraction should leave off is that it is the law of the our feelings. The laws of attraction tells us that what we put into the universe will come back to us. They spend quite a long time explaining just how to change the thoughts, be responsible internally and FEEL the changes you wish to create. THAT is a law of the universe. It is called real faith. The believing spiritually before seeing with your eyes. It calls reality into being. There is not one thing that exists physically that did not first exist spiritually/in the mind. The law of attraction seeks to explain a world that cannot be seen which is real but ends on the note that we are the first person to create a ripple and that we can simply focus on our desires and be happy. This is simply not true. We are interconnected beings. Another person’ choices affect us regardless of our thoughts. We sometimes can learn how to put ourselves beyond the power of another person’ actions and learn that our attitude and moods ONLY are a result of our own thoughts and beliefs. If someone forces a bad experience on us we always have the ability and choice to regain that power and happiness. But we do grate against each other, refining and polishing and grating as we go. Neal A Maxwell said that ‘hopefully the lubrication of love is amply present during these moments”, but either way we are colliding against all other thoughts, behaviors that others set in motion as well. Seeking to rise above all of this we can learn a great deal from the law of attraction: feelings wise. No matter what storm we are going through, we can have a central core of peace and lasting happiness if we learn how to control thoughts. We WILL attract what we need. We are powerful beings, eternal souls that can perform alchemy of thoughts that branches across the universe. We will find what we seek after. However, so will others, for good or ill. This is a technique to being put out of reach of the power of forces that drag you down, not a mechanism for making yourself into the ultimate God of universe based on your fleeing desires of avoidance or attraction. There is a bigger purpose to life.

2. Pretending like the universe will always respond with a YES to every question or answer just because it feels good is foolish thinking. Also, very arrogant thinking. The greatest minds and souls to walk this earth all had one thing in common: Humility. They knew that the more you learn, you learn you know very little. They knew that we will always still be learning. So how can we expect, even when we are at our best that there will not be a better plan or thought out there? Why would we wish or proclaim to know what is best in every circumstance? We go in the best direction we know and call upon meditation, prayer, connecting to a higher light to lift us into a higher plane of thinking. We sacrifice some pleasures to bring about something greater later. We miss playing in the pool one day because we know that we need to finish an essay. We sleep less as mothers because we know our children need us. We push through the pain while we do push=ups knowing it is building something far better than what we are ‘losing’.


Your thoughts really are like an arrow. They won’t miss where you aim them. If you insist on telling yourself you are worthless, thinking about pain, down talking yourself, or believing you equal a bad situation that happened to you then you will infact only land yourself in more and more darkness. Do you attract it? In a way, yes you might because you are refusing to believe higher of yourself and will stay in the power of the area you are in. You jump into a pool of jellyfish and do you attract them? Yes, you are staying there. Are you CAUSING it? No you are not. You did not put the Jellyfish in (if you did then that was intentional and the law of attraction is a moot point for you) so you are not at fault. If you get murdered, abused, raped, hurt, mocked, mistreated you didn’t cause it. If someone declares they love you, give you a gift, marry you, you earn lots of money…did you cause that? No you did not. That was another person’ choice. Choose to get mentally out of the pool of darkness, hurt, down-talk and step into a pool safety. Is there going to now be a greater chance you find what you seek? Yes, because that is the environment you set for yourself. Your mind is above the bad that can happen. If something does affect you by their choice, you now have the key to attract better thinking and move out of its power after you heal. You will take more responsibility for who you are and you will simply not see the bad as often anymore. It is where we choose to focus that will begin to grow more plentiful in the mind.

There are many laws at play here. Not simply the law of attraction. There is more to this universe than getting what we want or avoiding pain. We are not the cause of all that happens to us, but we do have the keys to overcome anything that happens to us. We have the ability to mold our lives whatever way we choose, and even pain plays a part in our development and completion. The law of attraction is a beautiful viewpoint full of powerful assertions to raise your thoughts and remove yourself from the traps of the mind. Grow. Keep Growing. Never stop. Remember you have the power, regardless of any action that affects you, to regain that control and power and be happy. It is up to you. But you are not to blame for anothers’ actions nor should you take responcibility for anything you did not put into being. Be the change you wish to see in the world and complete the Law of Attraction: Raise your thoughts and think about it 🙂


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